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The Itteringham Lions Cycle Speedway team was one of the most successful in the whole circuit.

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The Lions team competed from approximately 1948 - 1958. It was eventually disbanded as many of the riders were becoming "too old." The circuit was known as The Sandpit as the area contained a deep old sand pit that had subsequently been partially filled with rubbish. The pit was finally filled and landscaped after a rider from Norwich fell in, resulting in a particularly frosty telephone call from his club.

Brian Fairhead DA Doris Overton DC Joan Wells Doreen Overton Mary Overton Edwin Wright Brenda Overton Percy Wright Wilfred Harrison Neville Chamberlain Barbara Hoolhouse Pat Baxter Jean Leach Margaret Jickells Jessie Baxter Denny Broughton Freddy Broughton Hazel Harrison Kenny Harrison Tony Thrower Victor Hall Eric Thaxter Derek Broughton Aubrey Broughton Peter Hall Mick Baxter
Cup presentation by Brian Fairhead

Eric Thaxter Kenny Harrison Derek Broughton EE Micky Titchelly Freddie Broughton Denny Broughton George Dale
The Lions

Other competing teams came from local villages and included Aldborough, Corpusty, Erpingham, Hevingham, Marsham Thunderbolts, Reepham, Saxthorpe and Spixworth Spokes.
There were league tables but we have yet to find a copy....?

Practising a start in the 60s
A practice race in progress with the now demolished Church Row behind. Eric Thaxter on the bike bottom left.

Derek Broughton Denny Broughton Freddie Broughton
The Broughton Brothers
The Broughton Brothers and a finger in front of the lens

Denny & Freddie Broughton
Derek Broughton

Bob Pleasants   George Dale MM
Bob Pleasants
George Dale

Some years after the Lions disbanded, Michael Baxter asked Kenny Harrison if he would set up another club and so the Itteringham Rockets team was born. It is probable that the name Lions had already been taken by another club in the interim.

Some of the Lions
Pit stop outside Church Row

I do remember being keen on the speedway bikes.....and remember swapping my own creation for a 125cc Excelsior motorbike that I pushed all the way to Aylsham when we had moved there in about 1960..... and my first brush with the law when trying to get some petrol for it without any road tax etc....
(I was only 12!!)
John Wells

The cinder speedway track

The crowd

I used to run the Mulbarton Cycle Speedway Club. We were in the Norwich League at the time Itteringham were in the North Norfolk. One of the riders with Itteringham team was Paul Overton and he used to work with me at Mann Egerton in Norwich. I havent heard from him for years but I know he was in the team with a Fred Broughton in those days. If he is still about I wouldnt mind hearing from him. My own e-mail address is - (supplied on request to this website). They were really good days and it was a pity the League didn't embrace all the County but I think there were inter-league matches on occasions. The top riders in the Norwich League were Barry Woodcock, Mike Parkins (a World Champion in 1962), Trevor Hedge and Gerry Abel. They were all Norfolk Champions at some time.
Bryan Tungate - 24th July 2005

Kenny Harrison Norman Barnes Freddy Broughton Paul Overton Denny Broughton Peter Hoolhouse Donny Baxter Rodney Hall David Hall Jimmy Overton Adrian Hall Michael Baxter
The Rockets

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