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In 2004 a team of volunteers from the village surveyed all the grave markers inside the church and in the churchyard. All the text that we were able to decipher along with a large selection of photos of the churchyard and individual gravestones can be found on this website. Scroll down to find out how to access the information .

Sample Sample Sample

When Mrs Lake from Hill Farmhouse died... we had to stand in the schoolyard in two lines, when the coffin came past, for the funeral... it was a carriage affair pulled with two black horses and they had big black plumes hanging over their heads... we had to stand there till it went past and they'd rung the bell in church... they'd used to ring nine for a woman... and eleven for a man and since we heard the bell toll nine times the teacher said, "Left turn, quick march!" and we had to go back in school and we weren't allowed any more play all that day.
Ruth Harrison

What we did

The stones are described using the methodology set out in Harold Mytum’s Recording and Analysing Graveyards (Practical Handbook in Archaeology 15).

Of course the survey does not represent a full list of all burials in St Mary’s Church and churchyard. Many burials had no lasting grave markers and some stones are no longer legible.

Itteringham parish registers containing burial records survive back to 1558 and the older records are available on microfilm in the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich, should you want to do a more thorough search for specific people.

In order to conduct the survey, the churchyard was split into defined sections, which were then mapped on a plan - see link list below.

A selection of general photos of the churchyard were also taken from the church tower and again at ground level - see link list below.

How to find a specific gravestone

There are two ways to find a particular surname or gravestone from the survey.

Either download and search the pdf file which contains all the text from the stones - see link list below.

Or use the site search engine at the bottom of this page to find surnames of interest. Remember that using the site search engine will find all references across the site not just those in the churchyard survey section.

Photographs of individual gravestones

A gravestone entry with a P alongside indicates that there is a photograph on the site. Use the unique reference number of each gravestone to find the matching photograph in the pages below.

Some stones were very hard to read. Here are two examples that we were able to work out in the churchyard in strong sunlight but were illegible in a photo.

A034 A035

So do not be disappointed if there is no photo or nothing legible on a photo of a stone you are interested in.

If you want a full size image of any of the photos we have shown you can purchase one - see box at the foot of this page.

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Plan of the Churchyard - pdf file Download
Full text of all legible gravestones - linked to photos

Full text of all legible gravestones - pdf file Download

Photos of selected individual gravestones
Area A
Area B
Area C
Area D
Area E

Area F

Area G

Area H


Articles Relating to Itteringham Churchyard

Articles with further information about Itteringham's churchyard and some of the people and families buried there:

Amy Evelyn Tomes - private grief, public denial?
Itteringham burials 1813 to 1902

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